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My artwork from past and present, hope you like what you see and enjoy!


a quick oekaki tutorial :iconloish:loish 3,702 509 Lion's Paw :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 2,272 172 Seawitch Apprentice :iconvarguy:Varguy 476 23 Challenge :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 3,731 199 Hydra :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,252 178 Muramasa The Demon Blade - Momohime Onsen :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,084 130 Japanese Dragon - T-shirt Design :iconleo-25:Leo-25 64 5 Juuzumaru X Akechi Mitsuhide :iconstvictoria:stvictoria 261 11 Dragon Ball Super: Saiyan Rivals (Clrs) :iconcdubbart:CdubbArt 258 16 late gift! :iconcos-tam:cos-tam 194 6 Hogsmeade (Harry Potter Fan art ^_^ ) :iconnieris:Nieris 2,555 82 Black Crystal Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 3,224 74 Nier Automata - 2b cosplay :iconfenixfatalist:fenixfatalist 2,525 73 Blackhand :iconcyrus-c:CYRUS-C 584 28 Voracious Onslaught :iconvelinov:velinov 561 14 Dust Stalker - MTG :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 991 22
Mostly things I love to look at that other fantastic people create!


Just a quick note i'm feeling I need to state. Everything you see here, as questionable it may be, know this, I don't create "Fetish-art"as some would call it, I just create art.

If something here leads you to think that, i'm sorry you feel that way, I draw and experiment all the time, i'm always testing things out within my artwork, its simple really, and I feel no shame for it, if it comes out looking overly sexualized, disturbing or something else along some line that may bother the viewer somehow.

Anyways with that in the air, I also have no negative judgments of, or for, anything anyone may enjoy that some may label as a "Fetish-art" so do as you will and love what you do. 

The world we live in these days seems to demand I make this clear, so I have, I hope you can still enjoy what have here and will continue to create down the line.
Posting a lot of stuff from my early art years, mostly for my self so I can see it without having to handle everything just to spend a day finding what I was looking for for a future projects; also expect activity here to really kick off, since I haven't been as active as I want in the past and this really is what I love to do.


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi there, and welcome!
You can call me Stefan, Uk, Guy or if you wanna type it all out UKnowTheGuy!
I work in Digital and Traditional Media to create my Art, I mainly stick to Pen Pencil and Markers for the traditional stuff; but I do know paint (Acrylic mainly) just don't have anywhere to work in it without making a mess hahaha, anyways back on topic; my devices I use for digital are intous 6x11, and Cintiq Companion Hybrid.

Please if you share my work for any reason please Credit me when you do so! Thanks in advance <3

Places you can find me.




NOTE: I've been inactive here for a bit, but will be Streaming Art and games again at a regular active pace once things are back in order in my life.


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Lilythekitsune Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch, Stefan! <3
UKnowTheGuy Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch in return Taylor! Heart :happybounce: Heart